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You are More Than Your words: Dyslexia Does Not Define Who You Are

Mar 4, 2021

Let’s discuss how students can not only survive but thrive in the classroom and beyond, how parents can support their child to confidently succeed, and how teacher actions and inactions positively affect students’ lives.

Relationships in K-12 classrooms set a trajectory for students that lasts a lifetime.
Come learn Alby Lee Lewis’ experiences as he navigated school life with an undiagnosed reading disability.
Al will be joined by Sean Nank and Jackie Murawska to draw connections to education.
Sean Nank is a professor at Cal State University San Marcus
Jackie Murawska is a STEM Instructional Coach and Math Ed Researcher


Al was born into a poor family and a challenge that would plague him for many years. Al could not read anything. At age 55, Al attended an adult literacy class where he discovered he had a disability called dyslexia, and finally started to understand it all. He discovered words.

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